We grow and protect New Zealand every day

We lead New Zealand's biosecurity system at the front line. Airports, ports, mail centres, cargo facilities – our Quarantine Officers are there to help protect New Zealand from biological risk!

We provide policy advice and programmes that support the development of New Zealand’s primary industries, and work to increase export opportunities of primary products

We are the government's principal advisers on, and maintain effective management of, New Zealand’s fisheries and aquaculture

We manage forestry assets for the Crown

We ensure food standards for consumers of New Zealand food

We have four key business units


MPI is a large, diverse organisation and we need you… We are about to begin recruiting for our next group of amazing, committed and hard-working Quarantine Officers!

Watch the video to see how we work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year growing and protecting this beautiful country - Aotearoa.

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